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When you’re moving 100 miles-an-hour, juggling orders for ten critical parts to meet an important production milestone, the last thing you need is parts that don’t meet your spec. 

With the latest updates to the Fictiv platform, you can now remove guesswork from the quality equation and easily add specific quality inspections and certifications to your order.

New Configuration Options: Advanced Quality Inspections & Certificates

fictiv advanced quality inspections

When you log into your Fictiv account and upload CAD files for quote, you’ll now see a new tab in the configuration panel. After selecting your desired process, material, and finish options, you can click on the second “Additional requirements” tab to add quality inspections and certificates to your order.

Add an Advanced Inspection Report

fictiv advanced quality inspections

If you’re ordering a part that has complex, hard to reach features that cannot be inspected using hand metrology, or has more than 5 features that need inspection, it’s a good idea to add an Advanced Inspection Report to your order. This report will document inspection results for an unlimited number of features using CMM (coordinate measuring machine), laser scanning, or optical measurement technology. 

To add this service, upload a technical drawing and let us know how many parts you want to be inspected and if we should inspect specified dimensions or all dimensions on the drawing. 

Add a Certificate of Conformity

fictiv certificates of conformance

You may have a purchasing requirement at your organization to obtain a standard certificate of conformity (CoC) with part orders and now you can easily add these to your Fictiv order. These certificates include information on material lot number, product lot number, part number, revision, part description, quantity, and customer PO# (if applicable).

Add a Material Certification

fictiv material certifications

It’s also easy to add a material certification to your Fictiv order, providing traceability to the raw material used in production for your order.

Add Quality Services from Drawing Callouts

fictiv platform 2d drawing analysis

Fictiv’s technology can also auto-analyze callouts on your 2D drawings. So if you have callouts on a drawing for a CoC and material certification, for example, the platform will intelligently identify the callouts, and prompt you to add those services to your order straight from the Configuration tab. Magic!

Remove Guesswork from the Quality Equation

We know how important quality is for the customers we work with across advanced industries such as robotics, aerospace, automative, and medical devices. This latest feature gives you more control than ever to seamlessly add critical quality services to your order to achieve consistent manufacturing results you can rely on every time. 

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