8 Tips to Maximize the Impact of Your Prototypes
Written by
Jason Lichtman

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February 14, 2017

We all know that product development is an iterative process. Of course, the fewer iterations you need, the quicker you can get to market and the less it costs you to get there. Our latest post in the Hardware Guide shares 8 strategic tips for getting the most out of each prototype, so you can get your product into production more efficiently.

You should consider testing multiple variations of a feature at once

In the full article, I cover:

  • Why you should spend money up front in product development
  • How to define the objective of a given prototype
  • How to use scale to your advantage
  • The benefits of testing variables individually
  • ... much more!

Get more strategic prototyping tips in the full Hardware Guide post here.

Written by
Jason Lichtman
Enginerd with a specialty in designing plastic and foam consumer products and a Certified Solidworks Expert. By day, he designs and develops best in class head protection for Bell Helmets.
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