Meet Our Team: Adeeti Katti

Here at Fictiv, we’re passionate about building the most reliable digital manufacturing ecosystem imaginable. 

We’re just as focused on building a culture of inspiring and motivated individuals to help tackle that challenge. In our Meet Our Team series, we’re excited to share the talented Fictiv employees (or Fictors, as we like to call ourselves) that have helped us get to where we are now. 

This week, we’re excited to introduce Adeeti Katti, one of our bright and friendly recruiters here at Fictiv HQ in San Francisco. We sat down with Adeeti to learn more about her background and what brings her to work everyday.

Why did you join Fictiv?

It was the only interview process that I went through that felt totally and completely authentic. When I was speaking to folks here, they naturally brought the best out of me because I felt comfortable being myself. Not only that, I was being offered an insane opportunity to help build a culture from scratch. At the time, I was considering a PhD in Organizational Behavior and this seemed way cooler than that. I could actually implement trainings, initiatives around diversity & inclusion, cutting-edge recruiting processes, and mold a really wonderful place for people to work.

What is unique about Fictiv?

The emphasis on empathy is spectacular. It's in all of our hiring documents, we talk about it in company-wide stand-ups, non-violent communication is practiced on my team, and it's built into our hiring process. This continues to be magical to me.

What excites you most about the impact you have in your role?

I love running debriefs. It's like a really cool, real-time lesson in human psychology and emotional intelligence. I see myself as the connector in the room and it's my job to moderate/move the conversation to get at an unbiased conclusion through empathy. What could be more awesome than that? Not only that, I see myself as a bit of a mad scientist. I get to test drip campaigns, crazy recruiting strategies, and internal culture policies that are unlike anything I've seen before.

What has been the most exciting/fulfilling project that you've worked on so far?

About a year into my career here at Fictiv, I was given the opportunity to run my first executive role which is the most incredible thing I've ever done. I took everything to the next level including candidate experience, internal organization, and holistic strategy. I also developed one of craziest drip-campaigns of all time that I had no clue would work or not. I cried when I saw the impact that it had, as well as the type of traction that I was getting. To have the ability to mold an organization by helping find a leader, is indescribable.

What are your hobbies outside of the office? Tell us about yourself!

I'm a big believer in investing in yourself so I do everything I can to build a healthy life outside of work! I divide health into four categories -- emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health. So I try to find ways to keep those balanced, from drawing on the weekend to buying a bunch of killer fresh ingredients at the Ferry Building for creating a magical soup to feeling gratitude for this amazing apartment that I live in. Every night I fall asleep to a view of the Bay Bridge and it's my favorite time of the day. I also have a collection of plant children -- I try to get particularly rare species from a niche plant shop in Berkeley, my favorite of which is a peacock fern.

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