PA 12 Glass Beads

At a Glance


Production Time





As fast as 5 days
Grey, black
0.08 mm
End-use production parts,
Functional prototypes,

About the Material

PA 12 Glass Beads is a variation of the Nylon PA 12 material for HP Multi Jet Fusion. With 40% glass beads fill, parts made with PA 12 Glass Beads will have all the fine grain, high density and low porosity qualities of typical Nylon 12, but with a higher degree of stiffness and dimensional stability. Additionally, it’s less prone to warpage so it’s a great option for large or flat parts.

Material Properties


Tensile Strength

Elongation at Break

Modulus of Elasticity

Flexural Strength

30 MPa (4351 PSI)
2500 MPa (362594 PSI)
57.5 MPa (8340 PSI)

Material Finish

The texture of this material is slightly smoother than SLS Nylon, but still similar to a very fine grit sandpaper. Un-dyed MJF Nylon is grey, which may vary in shades across the same part of a surface. When dyed black, this material has a matte appearance.

sls nylon 3d printing

Design Recommendations

Max Part Size [x, y, z]

Min Wall Thickness

Min Clearance + Gaps for Fit

380 x 284 x 380 mm
1.0 mm for production
1.5 mm for consistency (for measurement and mechanical applications)
0.2 mm clearance between features, we recommend 0.3 mm to ensure good fit

Internal Cavities

Be sure to have a clearance to remove the support powder!

Threads & Inserts

Minimum 0.1 mm clearance is required for printed threads.

Text Guidelines

Raised features: 0.6 mm minimum
Recessed features: 0.5 mm minimum

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