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We use intelligent routing to match your order with one of our qualified global manufacturing partners, giving you instant access to a wide array of manufacturing capabilities through a single access point. Learn more about our platform features here.

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KaD Models & Prototypes

Lim innovations modular prosthetic device

About the shop

Capabilities: CNC milling & turning

Year founded: 2012

Location: Alameda, CA

Why Fictiv

Reason to partner: Shared vision for a community of machine shops to benefit the industry

Result: Over 450 jobs & $700,000 in revenue in 18 months

Brian Kippen is the owner of KaD Models & Prototypes, a growing CNC machine shop in the San Francisco Bay Area. Brian became a manufacturing partner with Fictiv in 2016 and was instrumental in helping to build Fictiv’s CNC machining service, which pairs customer orders with available machine shops within Fictiv’s highly vetted network.

“Machine shops tend to be ‘every man for themselves’,” says Brian. “In my early discussions with Fictiv, I realized they shared my vision for a more collaborative relationship between shops. With their manufacturing network, Fictiv is building a community of machinists where everyone benefits.”

Partnering with Fictiv to Increase Revenue & Reduce Overhead Costs

As a manufacturing partner with Fictiv, Brian’s business benefits from an additional stream of work, without any added time or money investment to acquire new customers.

"Since Fictiv handles the quoting for their customers, I get to dedicate more time to revenue-generating work like machining parts"

Additionally, Brian’s shop can produce parts with significantly reduced overhead costs. This is because Fictiv handles the customer support and quoting for all Fictiv orders.

“Since Fictiv handles the quoting for their customers, I get to dedicate more time to revenue-generating work like machining parts,” reflects Brian.

Fictiv delivers jobs to its manufacturing partners without any bidding involved, removing a layer of uncertainty embedded in the standard workflow for machine shops. As a partner with Fictiv, Brian also has the flexibility to accept or reject jobs without penalty so he maintains control over the flow of work into his shop.

A Springboard to Accelerate Growth

Since partnering with Fictiv 18 months ago, Brian has received over 450 jobs and $700,000 in revenue, with each job payed out in just seven days.

"Fictiv’s accelerated payment cycles have greatly improved cash flow"

“Standard industry payouts are between 30 and 90 days,” Brian adds. “Fictiv’s accelerated payment cycles have greatly improved cash flow, which is a critical function for growing businesses like mine.”

Revenue from Fictiv helped make it possible for Brian to purchase another CNC machine

In partnering with Fictiv, Brian’s quickly growing business has the support to expand its capabilities and invest in new growth.