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PVT to Ramp Production:

How to Make the Transition

Originally aired on Tuesday, June 26, 2018
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Ramp production is a critical phase that presents an array of new challenges for hardware companies, including nuanced communication with overseas suppliers, managing production timelines (and delays), and balancing speed, cost, and quality.

All this makes the introduction of new, unproven products to the market a high-risk endeavor. In this on demand webinar, Fictiv's Direct of Overseas Manufacturing will discuss strategies to manage this critical transition phase successfully.

Webinar Host

Cameron Moore
Director of Overseas Manufacturing | Fictiv

Cameron runs Fictiv’s China headquarters, overseeing operations and the expansion of Fictiv’s Asia Manufacturing Partner program. A Mechanical Engineer by training and a 13 year resident of Guangzhou, China, Cameron brings deep experience in overseas manufacturing to Fictiv. Cameron loves Chinese culture, and is constantly learning the subtle nuances of the language and doing business in China.

During the webinar, Cameron will discuss:
Options for manufacturing overseas at mid-volumes of 1k - 50k units
Key design and manufacturing considerations to scale overseas
Why steel tooling is (almost) always a better option than aluminum
Tips to manage parting lines, flash, ejector pin marks, and other molding defects


Get instant access to learn how to transition from PVT to Ramp Production

Originally aired on Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Now available on-demand!

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