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SAN FRANCISCO, July 27, 2022 – Fictiv, the operating system for custom manufacturing, today announced the addition of 16 new quality metal and plastic computerized numerical control (CNC) machining materials to its auto-quoting platform. In addition, six other new materials are now available on Fictiv’s platform with a one-hour quote turnaround time. 

With the addition of these 22 new materials, Fictiv now has 68 unique materials available on its platform – more than any other digital manufacturer – and the technology to instantly quote, analyze, and provide design for manufacturing (DFM) feedback for almost every material. Fictiv offers customers a high level of precision and accuracy in manufacturing, enabling tight tolerance machining for all CNC parts. It also offers maximum flexibility across pricing, volumes, and range of materials and finishes being used, creating the perfect solution to take customers from prototype to production. 

“The addition of these 22 new materials expands our service offerings and provides an extensive list of material options for CNC machining, from the most common to niche materials, maximizing versatility and choice for our customers,” said Jean Olivieri, chief operating officer at Fictiv. “By using our cloud-based platform, customers can receive instant quotes, get parts in as fast as two days, have access to our highly vetted and managed global network of the best machine shops, and reduce cycle times by as much as 50% by using our instant quoting system.”

CNC machining services offered by Fictiv include CNC milling, CNC turning, electrical discharge machining, and gear hobbing

Industries that commonly use CNC machining include aerospace, automotive parts manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, transportation, defense, and marine industries, along with oil and gas industries and electronics. To learn more about Fictiv’s new CNC materials, visit the company’s website.

By adding 22 new CNC machining materials, Ficitv offers customers more choices for their business needs.