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3D Printing Material Selector

Streamline your material selection process with our 3D Printing Material Selector.


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Free Template: Injection Molding Gantt Chart

Injection molding is a complex process. You have to not only design your mold and tooling, but also manage all the moving pieces, hit your deadline, and ensure the parts are manufactured to spec within budget. It’s a lot, right? Leveraging years of injection molding production experience, we created this Gantt chart template to help […]


Coding for Mechanical Engineers: Supplementary Tools

Download this PDF to get access to VBA commands and Solidworks Macros and scripts to improve your mechanical engineering workflow efficiency.


10 DFA Rules to Live By Checklist

How can you make your designs easier for your friends on the manufacturing floor and, well, more elegant? This handy checklist summarizes 10 essential design for assembly (DFA) rules that will help you simplify designs as much as possible, to save your company in a big way, both in manufacturing time and in reducing defects.


Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (D-FMEA) Template

In the product design world, it’s common to use a tool called a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to improve a design or process. FMEAs are commonly separated into two different categories, depending on their application: A Design FMEA (D-FMEA) is used in product design to identify possible design weaknesses and failure modes. A […]


DFM for CNC Machining Checklist

Get our DFM for CNC machining checklist, which summarizes the essential design for manfuacturability rules engineers should apply.


Area Moment of Inertia Calculator

Designing products for load bearing applications can pose a multitude of challenges, so it’s important for a designer to have a “toolbox” of techniques that improve design quality. Designing for stiffness through geometric controls is a top tool in that box. In order to solve engineering problems related to stiffness, you need to know a […]


Press Fit Calculator

Press fits adapt to many situations, hold parts in perfect alignment, and are easily introduced and form a lasting bond. Press fits are the perfect choice for designs like machined parts of similar materials with tight tolerances requiring close-tolerance alignment. How do you know if the interference is enough to hold the parts together in […]


Tolerance Analysis Calculator

In the world of mechanical product design, engineers and designers complete what is known as a tolerance analysis, or tolerance stack up analysis, on an assembly as they prepare to send the components out for manufacturing. This is done to ensure that when you order parts, they are manufactured to dimensions that guarantee the components within an […]


Heat Sink Calculator

In a world of ever-increasing electronics, our lives are continuously impacted by devices that incorporate some sort of heat-generating circuitry. When it comes to electronics that dissipate power in the form of heat during normal operation, it is often necessary to manage this heat, to ensure the components don’t exceed their maximum allowable temperatures. One […]