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Fictiv makes it fast and easy to get high-quality 3D printed parts — no matter what stage your project is at. Upload your designs for an instant quote and parts as fast as next-day.

Parts delivered as fast as 24 hours

45+ material and finishing options

One partner from prototype to production

95.4% of parts delivered on-time and in-full

Our 3D Printing Processes

Stereolithography (SLA)

A high resolution, production grade technology.

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Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Ideal for functional testing, low to mid volumes.

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Ideal for visual models or functional prototypes.

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Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Accelerate time to market with production-grade
 3D printing.

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Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Low cost process for early stage prototypes.

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Digital Light Synthesis (DLS)

Production speed and repeatability for end-use parts

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On-Demand Access to World Class 3D Printing

Fictiv provides streamlined access to high-quality 3D printing services via industry-leading additive suppliers and machines.

Choose from over 40 materials and 11 finishing option to meet every project requirement.

Your Material Selection Assistant

Which aluminum alloy is ideal for your needs? What 3D printing material has excellent tensile strength? Try Materials.AI and get help navigating the complex landscape of plastic and metal parts.

Try Materials.Ai

3D Printing Materials

Need help choosing a material? Use our Material Selection Tool


ABS – M30i



Accura 25

Accura 60

Accura AMX Rigid black

Accura ClearVue

Accura Xtreme Grey or White 200


EPU 40

EPU 41

EPX 82


FPU 50

Loctite 3D 3843

Loctite 3D IND147

Loctite 3D IND405 Clear

MPU 100


Nylon 11 Flame Retardant

Nylon 12

Nylon 6

PA 12 Glass Beads




Polycarbonate (PC)


RPU 70


Somos Evolve

Somos PerFORM

Somos Waterclear

Somos Watershed


Ultem 1010

Ultem 9085

UMA 90




ABS is a plastic material that’s great for mechanical strength and early stage rough prototypes. ABS is a cost-effective material for initial prototyping applications, and with post-processing options it can offer better surface finish than PLA.

FDM 3D printing
Black, Blue, Neutral, Red, White
0.25 mm
Max Print Size:
914 x 609 x 914 mm

3D Printing for Advanced Engineering

Source high-quality printed parts through every stage of your development process.

Compare Materials for Best Results

Material cards allow you to see individual material properties and filter by application during configuration.

Optimize Infill Density

Balance cost and strength by specifying infill density for FDM parts from the drop-down menu.

Improve Thread Strength

Add optional configuration for threaded inserts, upload and annotate your drawing to define hardware locations.


3D Printed Parts Made by Fictiv

From Prototyping to Production

Taking your next design from early-stage testing to full production has never been so easy.
Fictiv's simplified sourcing approach takes the work out of buying your prototype, models, and production parts. Let us be your one source of success!

3D printing

Quick parts to test fit, form, or function of designs at the early development stages.

Urethane Casting

More aesthetically and functionally representative models for middle development stages.

Injection Molding

100% production quality parts for testing, bridge production, and full production stages.

FREE 3D Printing When You Continue To Injection Molding

We'll discount your injection mold cost by the cost of your 3D printed parts of the same design.*

* Up to a maximum of 20% discount on IM tooling. Cannot be combined with other offer(s) or discount(s). 

Hear How We Solve Our Customers’ Toughest Challenges

With Fictiv, they’re speeding up processes, taking the stress out of their jobs, and more.

Quality prints delivered on-time, stress-free.

“Working with Fictiv let us keep the momentum going on product iterations. Before, we’d have to put projects down for weeks and not think about them, then waste time re-engaging with a particular project once the parts arrived.”


Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Peloton

heidi farrell

Supply chain consolidation and flexibility with Fictiv.

“Fictiv has allowed us to produce fully functional units at a volume that would traditionally have been very difficult to manage.”


Product Design Engineer, Miralabs

haley harrington

Let’s build something great, together

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