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At Fictiv, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of CNC machining solutions. With our state-of-the-art facilities and a team of skilled technicians, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your precision machining needs.


ISO 9001 certified,
AS 9100 / ISO 13485 compliant


Finishing & masking


Tolerances as
tight as +/- 0.0002″


Material certification available

Our CNC Machining Services

How It Works

Upload your designs

Upload 3D CAD and technical drawings to our secure platform.

Get a quote with free DFM

Configure your project in our quote-to-order platform for instant price quotations and free pre-order DFM feedback

Intelligent Sourcing via a Vetted Network

Our machine learning and AI quoting engines intelligently match you with the best manufacturing partner for your specified configuration.

Tracking and Delivery

True visibility into each stage of manufacturing for free. Know when production has started, completed, and shipped. Even review real photos of your exact part in app before shipment

Accelerate Development with Manufacturing on Demand

  • Parts as fast as 2 days
  • Tight tolerances
  • Instant pricing
  • Expert DFM feedback prior to purchase
  • On-demand status updates
  • In-depth quality documentation
  • On-demand production transparency
  • All your data in one place
  • Hand metrology, laser and CMM inspections
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CNC Machining FAQs

What is your typical lead time for CNC machining orders?

Fictiv provides a variety of lead times to match your budget while maintaining your project timeline. We can supply CNC parts in a quick as two days.

What tolerances can your CNC machines achieve?

Our machines are capable of tolerances as tight as 0.0002"

What types of materials can your CNC machines work with?

Our instant quoted materials can be found (here). Not seeing what you are looking for? You can always request a custom material through our custom RFQ process. Help center

How do you ensure the confidentiality and security of our designs and intellectual property?

Fictiv is SOC 2 Type II certified (SOC 2) and our proof of certification can be supplied upon request.

Can you accommodate rush orders or expedited delivery?

Speed is standard at Fictiv, we work to present you with a variety of costs and lead times to match your requirements. However, if you do require even faster delivery for a specific quotation, please reach out to your sales representative to see if we can accommodate your request.

Do you have the capability to work with complex geometries or 2D Drawings?

Fictiv not only supports complex geometries, but we pride ourselves on being able to produce and deliver difficult parts. Our platform allow for 2D drawing upload, 2D drawing generation and our quoting engine analyzes the drawings for configuration details and special callouts.

Can you assist with design optimization for manufacturability in CNC machining?

Our platform provides free Design for Manufacturability (DFM) feedback pre-order on all quotations. There are two categories of this feedback. A Warning designates a piece of the design that you should have a second look at, but can still proceed with ordering the part as is. If you receive a Failure, it designates that the component has a significant risk of failure during manufacturing and a design revision must be uploaded in order to check-out.

What certifications or industry standards do you adhere to in your CNC machining processes?

Fictiv is ISO 9001 certified, AS 9100 and ISO 13485 compliant

Don't Just Take Our Word for it

Our robot has a lot of unique and high tolerance parts. Finding a trustworthy partner that can make those parts reliably and quickly has been extremely helpful.

Dillon Jourde

Mechanical Engineer, Gecko Robotics

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“ Being able to use Fictiv for gears is very exciting. We know they're going to hit their lead times and we're going to be in constant communication to see where our parts are in the supply chain.”

Andrew Willig

Mechanical Engineer, HEBI Robotics

 +/- 0.0004

+/- 0.0004" tolerances

 6 weeks for 650 gears icon

6 weeks for 650 gears

Fictiv exists to enable product innovators to create.

In 2013, our founders set out to eliminate a major bottleneck they experienced first-hand in new product development: custom part sourcing.

Fictiv is forging a new path — one that streamlines part sourcing, eliminates barriers to innovation, and unleashes the creativity of engineers. 

We built an intelligent operating system, supported by an elite operations team, to orchestrate a network of highly-vetted and managed partners around the globe for fast, high-quality custom manufacturing, from quote to delivery.

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