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ISO 9001:2015

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On-site Fictiv Supplier
Quality Engineers


97% of parts
shipped on time


95.4% perfect orders

*Perfect orders are defined as being delivered on-time and in-full

Dependable Quality to Unblock Innovation

Learn about how Fictiv ensures the highest quality standards.

Production-Grade Quality Inspection Capabilities

Fictiv offers a wide range of quality inspection services with state-of-the-art equipment
provided by our facilities and partner ecosystem.


XRF material verification gun


A wide range of gauges
(telescoping, bore, height,
surface roughness, feeler,
thread, pin)


Precision scales


Coordinate measuring
machines (CMM)


Testing devices for stress,
impact, hardness, mold flow


Gauge blocks and pins


3D scanners


Profile projectors


Array of micrometers
and calipers

In-Depth Inspection Reports for Every Part

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It


“The quality and speed have never lacked, and that’s one of the things we’re really excited about with Fictiv.”


Ed Bryner

Director of Engineering, Gecko Robotics


"With the hundreds and hundreds of parts that we’ve ordered, they come in with an inspection report with actual dimensions marked on the print. Fictiv is the only group that does that for us.”


Kurt Oetken

Design & Engineering Manager, Animax Designs


“It’s not worth the quality trade-offs of having to go to different vendors. If I can order everything from Fictiv, and all in one location, that’s a big advantage.”


Will Rehlich

Head of Hardware, Nexkey


Quality Certifications

Fictiv's quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We also have manufacturing partners in our ecosystem with the following certifications:


ISO 9001:2015

IATF 16949:2016

Fictiv offers certifications for your orders including:

Material Certifications

Certificates of Conformity

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"Unlike many marketplaces, Fictiv focuses strongly on the quality management and control process of each aspect of the customer journey."

Jan Burian

Head of IDC Manufacturing Insights, IDC EMEA

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Fictiv ensure quality with a distributed network of manufacturing partners?

  • Fictiv ensures parts meet our high quality standards through the following actions:
  • 1. Initial evaluation of manufacturing partners’ capabilities during the onboarding process
  • 2. Manufacturing partner training according to Fictiv’s quality management system and inspection protocols, and clearly specified control requirements that all partners must implement
  • 3. Clear communication of customer requirements to Fictiv manufacturing partners
  • 4. Continual evaluation of the performance of manufacturing partners, including regular feedback to drive continual improvement
  • 5. Periodic on-site verification of manufacturing partner controls

How does Fictiv select manufacturing partners for its global network?

Fictiv has a documented manufacturing partner (MP) selection process that is a core competency and differentiates Fictiv from its competitors.

Potential MPs can either apply to Fictiv for selection or Fictiv can approach potential MPs to determine if they are interested in becoming part of the network. The onboarding process starts with a basic questionnaire and then increasing rigor is applied through commercial and quality audits and the production of a complex, tight tolerance test piece. On successful completion of the test piece, the MP is conditionally qualified, although their output is scrutinized as they are ramped-up. All MP performance is tracked and reported on a weekly scorecard. The scorecard positions the MP at a ‘level’ which determines how much work they get offered as an incentive. Other controls ensure that work is offered to the most suitable MPs.

Fictiv’s quality assessment includes a review of how MPs utilize control plans, including the appropriate use of SPC and other statistical controls. Additionally, Fictiv assesses how MPs deal with planned and unplanned changes and special cause events. Fictiv also has a requirement for its MPs to control their externally provided processes, including flowing down the requirements from Fictiv as necessary.

How does Fictiv ensure the clear transfer of customer requirements to manufacturing partners?

Fictiv provides manufacturing partners with a clear, standardized data package that includes customer-provided 3D models and 2D drawings and Fictiv inspection sheets.

How does Fictiv verify that parts meet the established specifications?

Fictiv has four main methods to verify that parts meet customer requirements:

  • 1. Remote inspection of part photographs and analysis of inspection measurements
  • 2. Parts are shipped by the manufacturing partner to Fictiv’s QC lab for inspection, which includes dimensional measurement, XRF material analysis, and cosmetic inspection
  • 3. Fictiv supplier quality engineers complete a source inspection at the manufacturing partner’s facility
  • 4. 3rd party measurement service providers can be used to provide independent dimensional measurements or other non-destructive testing

What actions does Fictiv take if a manufacturing error occurs?

Fictiv takes full responsibility for the quality of parts manufactured in our ecosystem. When a nonconformance is reported by Fictiv’s Quality Control team, or by a Fictiv customer, email alerts are sent to manufacturing partners in order to resolve the issue and also identify the root cause of the issue to inform the required improvement action reports.

When errors occur and the manufacturing partner submits root causes and improvement actions, we specifically look for the role the control plan plays in both the root cause of the issue and also in the solution to prevent this from recurring.

How does Fictiv inspect parts for quality control?

All parts manufactured with Fictiv undergo inspections by our manufacturing partners, which are then verified by Fictiv either in-person or remotely. Our standard inspections verify critical dimensions using hand tools and cosmetic requirements and we can also perform advanced inspections using CMM or laser scanner technologies as well as first article inspections or other customer inspection plans such as PPAP upon request.

How will I be able to see the quality inspections performed on my parts?

After inspections are completed, all quality documentation is uploaded to the Fictiv platform for customers to easily access at any time through the “Orders” tab of their account. Customers can also view photos of their parts taken at inspection in real-time.

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