Injection Molding Service

Accelerate and scale your Injection Molding prototype and production projects.

T1 samples as fast
as 2 weeks

No minimum order quantities

steel tooling

Rapid online quotes with free DFM feedback

Domestic, near-shoring, and overseas options

Tooling Table

Pre-Sake DFM/Assistance
Parts to Print Tolerances
Mold Flow Analysis
Standard Finishes (SPI A1-D3 and VDI)
Customer Mold Textures (Mold-Tech, Yick Sang, others)
Thermoplastics (Commercially and Engineering Grade)
Automatic Lifters and Slides
Standard Gating (Direct, Edge, Fan, others)
Hot Runner and Manifold System
Sequential Valve Gating
Multi-Cavity Molds
Family Tooling
Class 102 and 103 Molds
Class 101 Molds
Press Sizes
35 - 3,000 Tons
150 - 3,000 Tons
Cycle Ranges
1 - 100,000
1 - 100,000,000+
T1 Speed
2 - 3 Weeks
3 - 5 Weeks
Tool Cost
Per Unit Part Cost

Prototype Injection Molding

T1 Samples as quick as 10 days

Production quality parts done quickly and per your design

Ease of our manufacturing platform

Expert support from design to molding and
engineering changes

Global Network

An agile fully managed supplier network that supports your needs at every stage of the life cycle


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Need More Parts?

After completing prototyping, your tooling can be used to make thousands more parts! We'll validate your tooling and provide bridge production for your designs

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Production Injection Molding

Cost Down Analysis

We partner with you to do cost down analysis to meet
your requirements.

No Minimum Order Quantities

We provide the most efficient time to market to improve path to profitability, without compromising quality.

Complete Quality Systems

APQP full program planning, PPAP, Scientific Molding, Tooling inspection, and Automation. Access to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949 certified facilities.


Consumer Products


Day After Brush

Capabilities Leveraged

Injection Molding


Compression Molding

Ultrasonic Welding

Screen Printing

Bristle Grafting


Finding a manufacturing partner offering a full-suite of capabilities and expertise to take her design from prototype to full production.


NPI timeline of less than 1 year from prototype to final product.

Additional Quality and Validation Offerings

Mold Flow Analysis

In addition to DFM, Fictiv offers a mold flow analysis report for a deeper understanding of the molding expectations for your design.

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

To support your validation requirements, Fictiv offers the option for a PPAP report for each part.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

For full production projects, Fictiv offers an APQP framework of planning and validation for all phases of design and production

Global Network, Managed Locally

Our network of high quality injection molding partners spans the globe, with production available in the US, Mexico, and China -- so you can optimize production for costs, lead time, or both as needed. And with elite Fictiv operations personnel located in each region, you can trust that you'll get high-quality parts no matter where they're produced.



Quick turnaround for aluminum or steel molds to provide fastest delivery at a competitive price for prototype tolow-volume production.



Quick turnaround for steel tools with best part pricing for prototype to mid-level bridge production.



Molds are manufactured with our premier injection molding partners in China for the absolute best precision and pricing and then shipped to our Fictiv Mexico operation for nearshore production and fast, reliable, economical shipping.

Our Injection Molding Process

Design Validation and Production

Steel tooling, rapid lead times, and no minimums — ideal for prototyping, design validation, and bridge production.


Whether for buttons, grips, or seals, mold rubber or silicone over an existing plastic part.

Insert Molding

Mold plastic around a preformed — often metal-threaded — insert.

Injection Molding Finishing Options

All finishes meet SPI standards

Heat Staking

Heating plastic to reform it and insert a component (e.g., a threaded insert).

Laser Engraving

Engraving text or a design with a laser.

Pad Printing

Applying an ink-based, 2D design to a 3D surface


Applying primer, top coat, EMI (copper) paint, in both standard and Pantone colors.

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding

Joining or reforming thermoplastics with a
high-frequency welder

Injection Molding Materials

Fictiv can mold any commercially available thermoplastic. Please reach out with your specific resin needs.


Acetal/POM (Delrin)



High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)


Nylon - Glass Filled & 6/6




PEI (Ultem)


PMMA (Acrylic)

PBT Glass-Filled

PEEK Glass-Filled


Polycarbonate Glass-Filled











Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)




ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a thermoplastic polymer that is produced using emulsion. It is an incredibly versatile material, known for its excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals, making it useful in various applications such as automotive parts, toys, and electronic housings.

 ABS is also easy to machine and has a relatively low melting temperature, which means it can be molded and shaped with ease. Its high impact resistance makes it ideal for use in products that may undergo significant stress or force. Due to its unique properties, ABS is widely used in many industries worldwide.

Common applications: Enclosures

Your Material Selection Assistant

Now on the Fictiv Platform, powered by ChatGPT and Fictiv’s manufacturing database, get help navigating the complex landscape of plastic and metal parts. 

Which aluminum alloy is ideal for your needs? What 3D printing material has excellent tensile strength? Try Materials.AI to find out. 

Try Materials.Ai

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Fictiv helped others get up and running fast and save millions of dollars — so what can we do for you?

Injection molding. Incredibly fast.

"Fictiv was a crucial partner in that they were able to get the mold up and running within three to four weeks, whereas our other partners were taking six, eight weeks just to get first-off tool parts."


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World-class customer service and expertise.

“Regardless of what facet of the project we were working on (prototyping, tooling, finishing) I had the confidence in Fictiv’s expertise and knew I was in good hands.”

Michelle Kim

CEO, m’Chel Haircare

The future of product development.

“Fictiv enabled us to save millions of dollars in infrastructure, people and time costs when compared to traditional development and supply chain strategies.”


Co-Founder and CEO, Transmed7


Injection Molding Parts and Tools Made By Fictiv

How It Works


Upload your designs

Upload 3D CAD and 2D technical drawings to our secure platform.


Get a Quote with free DFM

Configure your projects in our quote-to-order platform and get pricing in 2 days, followed by a free DFM report.


Review T1 Samples

Receive T1 sampling in 2–3 weeks for review, prior to starting production.


Production Begins

Once samples are approved, production starts with an average lead time of 4 – 7 business days.


Reorder Parts

Use our mold library to select and reorder your parts.


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Injection Molding FAQs

Is injection molding a good option for prototyping?

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Injection molding could absolutely be used for prototyping, but it depends on the project requirements. Typically, for projects that require less than 10 prototypes, injection molding may not be the most cost-effective option. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and help determine if injection molding is the correct process for you.

What is the minimum order quantity for injection molding?

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Fictiv is happy to offer you injection molding services with NO minimum order quantity.

Does Fictiv provide a no-obligations estimate for my injection molding project?

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Absolutely. As long as you are able to supply project requirements and part specifications, Fictiv is happy to provide a no-obligation quotation.

Once I have a mold, can I reorder from it?

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Of course! Fictiv will maintain your mold for 2 years after your most recent order and allow you to re-order parts for the duration of the mold life.

Does Fictiv charge an inventory fee on my molds?

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Fictiv does not charge any inventory fees for holding your molds, as long as you order off of the mold within 2 years. After 2 years of inactivity, Fictiv will ship/destroy the mold at the customer's direction.

Does Fictiv provide DFM on my part design before I place an order?

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We do! Not only are you able to access your DFM through the Fictiv platform, but you will receive 3D visualization of the DFM feedback and be able to comment on, annotate, and discuss this feedback with a Fictiv technical project lead. All of this happens before you place your order.

Does Fictiv charge for DFM feedback?

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We believe in getting our customers the best possible parts the first time. Therefore, Fictiv does not charge for DFM and we ensure that you have all of the assurances you need before you place your injection molding order.

Does Fictiv build quick turn Aluminum molds?

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Fictiv has the ability to build both aluminum and steel molds.

At what quantity is it worth it for me to move from 3D printing my parts to injection molding them?

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A part manufactured through 3D printing is orders of magnitude more expensive than the same part manufactured through injection molding, assuming the design is a fit for injection molding. As long as you produce enough of that part to offset the mold cost, it would be worth it to pursue injection molding. Fictiv provides you with DFM on your design and options for mold architecture to give you the best cost-benefit balance. Request an injection molding quote for your 3D-printed part design to get a no-obligation quotation and DFM and assess your options at no cost to you. It is recommended that you get an expert involved early on in the design process if you intend to use injection molding for production. Many customers invest significant time in creating 3D-printed prototypes and making revisions without taking into account the specific manufacturing constraints associated with injection molding. This oversight can lead to wasted resources, both in terms of money and time. By providing Design for Manufacturability (DFM) guidance tailored to injection molding, Fictiv can help you avoid such pitfalls, resulting in significant savings in time and costs.

What DFM analyses does Fictiv provide?

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Injection molding is a tricky process, and one that we want to work through with our customers. This means that while we offer draft, thickness, and sink analysis on-platform for every quotation, we often provide advanced DFM in the forms of parting line visualization, side action analysis, and mold-flow analysis upon request.

Does Fictiv perform mold flow analysis before building the molds?

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Fictiv does not conduct mold flow analysis as a standard DFM analysis for injection molding, however, it can be done as an additional service upon request.

How long will it take to make injection molding tooling?

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The tooling lead time can vary depending on the complexity of the part. In some cases, it can be as quick as 10 days, while in a more complex design, it may extend to around 21 days (calendar days). For parts larger than 300mm, the lead time might be further extended due to the additional complexities involved in manufacturing larger components.

How long does it take to make molded parts?

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Once the materials and molds are prepared and in place, the injection molding process allows for the production of several hundreds of molded parts per day.

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