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Innovate faster and spend less time managing the production of parts

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Teams Who Trust Us


Our Software Platform

Focus on innovation instead of getting quotes, communicating with vendors and managing payments.

  • Automated quotes

    Submit a CAD file for instant price quotes in 3D printing and CNC machining.

  • Payments built for enterprise

    Get a PDF quote of your entire order and checkout with secure payments.

  • Purchase orders

    Submit purchase orders to ensure your project is properly tracked and documented.

Why Teams Trust Us


Superior operator talent

We identify, onboard, and continuously manage the quality of operators and machines on the network.



All vendors are under contract to ensure your IP is protected. In addition we are happy to provide/sign an NDA with your team


Secure transfer

Only the vendor that actually produces your file gets access to it. We source control and manage the download of your files.

A New Manufacturing Experience

Engineering support

Get manufacturing feedback from a dedicated engineer. Have special requests or need post-processing for your part? We have your back.

Streamlined communication

Forget the 40 back-and-fourth emails. We manage the manufacturing of your part, so you can focus on engineering and design.


How it Works


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Case study


See how Hykso accelerated development 39 days ahead of schedule

  • Leveraged 3D printing to confirm the high detail of small parts
  • Utilized CNC machining to test structural strength and tune bluetooth antenna
  • Rapid development with 3D printing and CNC machining helped mitigate risk moving to mass production (injection molding)