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Our digital quote-to-order platform puts you back in the driver’s seat and keeps you connected at every step of the manufacturing process.

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Instant Pricing

Waiting days to get a quote is a thing of the past. With Fictiv, you get pricing instantly, or within 1 hour for complex parts that require additional guided expertise. In addition to 3D CAD, we accept 2D drawings for tight tolerances and other specialized requirements.

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Expert DFM Feedback

Every part uploaded to the platform receives expert design for manufacturability feedback—including instant, automated warnings, and customized recommendations from our manufacturing engineers, as needed.

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On-Demand Production Transparency

Transparency doesn’t end after you place your order. Get real-time visibility into the production status of your parts, including photos of your parts at the manufacturing partner facility taken during inspection.

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All Your Data, In One Place

Easily find requested quality documentation, configuration details, DFM, design files, invoices, and inspection reports for all your previous orders.

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Your Material Selection Assistant

Which aluminum alloy is ideal for your needs? What 3D printing material has excellent tensile strength? Try Materials.AI to find out.

Now on the Fictiv Platform, powered by ChatGPT and Fictiv's manufacturing database, get help navigating the complex landscape of plastic and metal parts.

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Team-Based Sourcing

Fictiv enables you to coordinate custom part sourcing with high visibility and control—across projects, teams, and even your entire company.

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