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All of Your Tools. All in One Place.

As the number of your Injection Molding tools grows, it can be a very time-consuming (and manual) process to ensure you’re getting the best return on your investments.

That’s why we created Fictiv’s Mold Library: To give you one place to see all of your tools and streamline your Injection Molding asset management and reordering process.

Want to view your orders, order details, or tool life? Or assess cavities, gates, and processes? Easily find all this information in one easy-to-use Mold Library inside the My Workspace section of your Fictiv Account. 

The Mold Library also lets you quickly add parts from multiple tools into a reorder, or search for previous tools by PO, Part Name, or Order ID. 

Fictiv’s Mold Library lets you see your original tool life and request the parts you need—anytime you need them. 

With Fictiv, you can also access on-platform information like DFM and quotes during the RFQ process, as well as inspection reports and images for shipped projects. After your order, use our Mold Library to manage your tools and generate new parts orders directly from the Library. 

If you have a tool with Fictiv, take a look today and use it for your next reorder. If we haven’t had a chance to make Injection Molding tools for you yet, log in to upload your parts, and let us show you why Fictiv is your best choice for your next molded plastic project.
For help using your Mold Library, visit the Fictiv Help Center.