According to IDC research, manufacturers able to establish flexible and resilient supply chains, innovate products, rapidly ramp up production, and create value from data-driven services will be among the winners in the "next normal."

This IDC Perspective provides a view of how manufacturing organizations can benefit from a digital quote-to-order platform.

Such solutions offer lower costs and greater flexibility in product development, production, and sourcing. A digital quote-to-order platform is a suitable and powerful tool that secures collaboration by connecting customers with suppliers, enabling suppliers to scale production without compromising quality or missing deadlines.

"The use of a quote-to-order platform makes sourcing and the supply chain less vulnerable to disruptions, as it leverages a global network of certified partners. And, thanks to cloud-based technology, shifting and sharing data loads within the manufacturing network makes the whole system very flexible and efficient."

— Head of IDC Manufacturing Insights Jan Burian, IDC EMEA