3D Printing Materials

Accura 25

At a glance


SLA 3D printing

Lead Time

As fast as 3 days




0.1 mm




prototyping, master patterns for vacuum casting

Max Print Size

635 x 736 x 533 mm

About the Material

Accura 25 is a durable, rigid, and opaque photopolymer resin used in Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology. Here are some common applications for Accura 25 White in 3D printing:

Prototyping: Accura 25 is often used to create prototypes of products and components during the design and development phase.

Functional Prototypes: It is suitable for producing functional prototypes that require durability and dimensional accuracy.

Engineering Components: Accura 25 is employed to prototype engineering components such as gears, housings, and brackets.

Snap Fit Assemblies: Accura 25 has excellent durability and accuracy, making it an ideal material for snap fit assemblies.

Architectural Models: Accura 25 is employed to create detailed architectural models and prototypes of building designs.

Custom Components: Manufacturers use Accura 25 to produce custom components and parts for various applications.

Product Mock-ups: It is used to create mock-ups and prototypes of consumer products for market research and testing.

Medical Models: Accura 25 is used to create anatomical models for surgical planning, medical training, and patient education.

Cosmetic Packaging Prototypes: It is used to prototype packaging designs for cosmetics, skincare, and personal care products.

Electronics Enclosures: Accura 25 can be used to create enclosures and housings for electronic devices, providing protection and aesthetic appeal.

Custom Displays: It is employed to create custom displays and signage for retail, events, and exhibitions.

Automotive Prototypes: Accura 25 is suitable for prototyping automotive parts and components, including interior features and dashboard designs.

Artistic Projects: Artists and sculptors use Accura 25 for various artistic projects and sculptures.

Model Making: Accura 25 is used by hobbyists and enthusiasts for model making, including miniature figurines and dioramas.

Industrial Design: It is employed in industrial design projects to prototype product concepts and iterations.

Material Properties

Tensile Strength

38 MPa (5510 psi)

Elongation at Break


Modulus of Elasticity

1620 MPa (325ksi)

Flexural Strength

57 MPa (8267 psi)

Material Datasheet

Material Finish

Accura 25 has a semi-glossy, white appearance. Surfaces in contact with support structures may have a slightly rougher texture as a result of support removal.

Design Recommendations

Max Part Size [x, y, z]

10 x 10 x 10 inches
(635 x 736 x 533 mm)

Min Clearance + Gaps for Fit

0.5 mm between parts that need to be assembled
0.2 mm between shells of an interlocking part

Min Wall Thickness

1 mm

Text Guidelines

Embossed features should be at least 0.1 mm from the surface below. Debossed features should be at least 0.4 mm wide to avoid the opposing walls from fusing together.


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