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Accura AMX Rigid black

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.10 mm

Max Print Size

254 x 254 x 254 mm

About the Material

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Accura Rigid is a family of stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing resins developed by 3D Systems. These resins are known for their rigidity, high accuracy, and fine surface finish, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

Prototyping: Accura Rigid resins can be used to create prototypes of products, parts, or components for testing, validation, and design verification. Their accuracy and surface finish allow for functional and aesthetic evaluation.

Functional Testing: These resins can be used to produce functional prototypes that mimic the mechanical properties of the final product, enabling testing under real-world conditions.

Assembly and Fit Testing: Accura Rigid parts can be used for checking the fit and assembly of components before moving to mass production, helping to identify any design issues early in the process.

Jigs and Fixtures: Rigid SLA parts can be used to create jigs, fixtures, and assembly aids used in manufacturing processes, ensuring precision during assembly.

End-Use Parts: In some cases, rigid SLA resins can be used to produce low-volume end-use parts, particularly when precision and surface finish are critical.

Product Development: Accura Rigid resins are used in the development of consumer goods, industrial equipment, electronics, and other products where accuracy and mechanical stability are important.

Medical Models: These resins can be used to produce accurate and detailed anatomical models used in medical training, education, and visualization.

Engineering Components: Rigid SLA parts are suitable for producing components used in engineering, such as housings, casings, brackets, and panels.

Automotive Prototyping: These resins can be used to create prototypes of automotive parts, including interior components, exterior panels, and functional elements.

Aerospace Prototyping: Rigid SLA resins can be employed for creating aerospace prototypes, such as interior components, structural models, and aerodynamic test parts.

Consumer Electronics: These resins can be used for producing casings, enclosures, and components for various consumer electronic devices.

Educational Models: Accura Rigid parts can be used for creating models used in educational settings to teach concepts in science, engineering, and other disciplines.

It’s important to consult with the manufacturer or supplier of the specific Accura Rigid resin you are using for detailed information about its properties, applications, and recommended use cases. Different formulations of rigid SLA resins might have slightly different properties and strengths, which can influence their suitability for various applications.

Material Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength

52 MPa

Elongation at Break


Modulus of Elasticity

2100 MPa

Flexural Strength

88 MPa

Highest Operating Temp (C)


Material Datasheet


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