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Accura 60

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0.1 mm


Well suited for challenging functional assemblies that require transparency

About the Material

Similar aesthetics to PC

About the Material

SLA Accura 60 is a clear blend of epoxy-resin and hardener that is designed to provide superior accuracy and surface finish. Accura 60 is highly stable, with a low thermal expansion rate, making it an ideal choice for intricate designs. It is also a durable material, boasting a high impact strength and good chemical and electrical resistance. It is also easy to post-process, allowing for a wide range of finishes. SLA Accura 60 is a reliable and cost-effective option for a variety of 3D printing applications.

Material Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength

Metric: 58 MPa
Imperial: 8410 PSI

Elongation at Break


Modulus of Elasticity

Metric: 2690 MPa
Imperial: 429300 PSI

Flexural Strength

Metric: 87 MPa
Imperial: 12610 PSI

Highest Operating Temperature (C)

Metric: 55C
Imperial: 131F

Why Use This Material

SLA Accura 60 material is ideal for applications that require exactness, such as medical device prototyping and production, dental models, clear display models, lighting components, and even functional prototypes or fluid or visualization models.


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