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Somos PerFORM

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.10 mm

Max Print Size

635 x 736 x 533 mm

About the Material

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Somos PerFORM is a composite stereolithography (SLA) material developed by DSM specifically designed for high-temperature applications and rapid tooling. It features a combination of heat resistance, stiffness, and durability, making it suitable for various applications that require these properties. Some common applications of Somos PerFORM in 3D printing include:

Rapid Tooling: One of the primary applications of Somos PerFORM is in the creation of rapid tooling inserts, molds, and dies. Its high temperature resistance and mechanical properties allow it to withstand the demands of short-run injection molding or casting processes.

Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming: Somos PerFORM can be used to create molds for thermoforming and vacuum forming processes, where high-temperature materials are required.

Jigs and Fixtures: The material’s stiffness and dimensional stability make it suitable for producing jigs, fixtures, and tooling used in manufacturing and assembly processes.

Aerospace Tooling: Somos PerFORM can be used to create composite layup tools, assembly fixtures, and other tooling required in the aerospace industry.

Automotive Tooling: In the automotive industry, the material can be used for producing tooling and fixtures used in manufacturing processes, such as composite layup and assembly.

Casting Patterns: Somos PerFORM can be used to produce patterns for investment casting, allowing for the creation of complex metal parts.

Heat-Resistant Components: The material’s high-temperature resistance makes it suitable for producing components that are exposed to elevated temperatures, such as fixtures used in ovens or autoclaves.

Functional Prototypes: Somos PerFORM can be used to create functional prototypes that mimic the mechanical properties of final parts. This is particularly valuable for testing and validation.

Custom Tooling Inserts: The material can be used to create customized inserts for injection molding and other manufacturing processes, allowing for rapid iteration and testing.

Short-Run Production: Somos PerFORM can be used for short-run production of parts where high-temperature resistance and dimensional accuracy are important.

It’s important to note that Somos PerFORM is specifically designed for applications that require high-temperature resistance and stiffness. When using Somos PerFORM for 3D printing, it’s crucial to consider the material’s properties and follow appropriate printing and post-processing guidelines to achieve the desired results for your intended application.

Material Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength

68 MPa

Elongation at Break


Modulus of Elasticity

10500 MPa

Flexural Strength

120 MPa

Highest Operating Temp (C)


Material Datasheet


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