Injection molding is a complex process. You have to not only design your mold and tooling, but also manage all the moving pieces, hit your deadline, and ensure the parts are manufactured to spec within budget. It’s a lot, right?

Leveraging years of injection molding production experience, we created this Gantt chart template to help you understand all the steps involved in the molding process and keep your project on track.

With this download you get:

  • A complete T1 production timeline for a single-cavity part design
  • Template variations for working with Fictiv vs traditional molding suppliers
  • A blank template to map out your injection molding project

After the download, be sure to check out our Guide to the Injection Molding Process article.

In the guide, we dive deep into each element of the single-cavity injection molding process that's outlined in the template and provide helpful explainers and tips so you can make your next injection molding project a success.