Michelle Rapp

Fictiv Head of People. I'm an avid learner, collector of odd facts and a consummate nerd. My husband are I are owned by two cats, and share a deep passion for all things cute.

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Fictiv Company Values

At Fictiv, we believe there is a right way to build a healthy company and the first step for us is to create a foundation of values that all team members share and uphold in words, thoughts and actions. By creating this shared understanding, we know how to treat each other and also everyone we […]


People Are Not Things: How to Build Healthy Culture

Growing up, books and the people they contained were the most important thing in my life. The characters I read about dramatically influenced my personal philosophy, whether it was the compassion of Jean Valjean or the fierce protectiveness of Jo March. One of my favorite series is the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett, which introduced […]