Join hosts Dave Evans, CEO of Fictiv, and journalist and writer, Philip Stoten in The Supply Chain Bunker as they discuss navigating healthcare and medical technology supply chains during the pandemic, as well as what role robotics is playing.

This week, our focus was healthcare supply chains, with two stellar expert guests. First up, sharing her insight into the latest legislative and administrative issues related to the healthcare supply chain, was Lorraine Marchand, life sciences consultant, speaker, writer, and professor. Lorraine was joined by Greg Schulte, Director of Engineering at Mindtribe (Part of Accenture Industry X.0), who shared his own recent experience in healthcare and particularly how it relates to robotics and R&D.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn from the past; don’t repeat mistakes
  • You can develop and build hardware remotely
  • Connecting supply and demand is a major frustration that needs to be resolved
  • Get creative, but don’t go rogue; we still need safe compliant product
  • Leverage what you know and who you know (as always, ask for help and make friends)
  • The spirit of innovation and camaraderie is tremendous; solutions must be systemized

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See you next week, in the bunker!