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We have some great new updates to Fictiv’s quoting technology to share with you! 

We know many of you are working on cutting edge products across industries including aerospace, robotics, automotive, and medical devices, iterating on parts with complex, tight tolerance features. This means feature-specific tolerance callouts on technical drawings are the norm, not the exception. 

That’s why we’re continuously making improvements to our platform so you can get faster, more precise quotes on complex, tight tolerance parts, to speed up dev cycles and give you confidence that your parts will be produced to your exact specifications.

Check out the latest features to support improved workflows for these types of complex parts.

Instant Pricing for Tight Tolerance Parts

With the latest advancements in our AI quoting technology, Fictiv can now automatically analyze 90% of all technical drawings. That means when you upload a CAD model with a 2D drawing to call out specific feature tolerance requirements, you will often receive pricing and DFM feedback instantly.

Upon upload, you’ll also receive an in-app confirmation message that Fictiv has analyzed your drawing and identified your tight tolerances, so you can have confidence the parts will be produced to your specs. 

Fictiv platform tight tolerance quoting

Fictiv also generates a unique 2D drawing based on your 3D/2D designs, highlighting requirements that must be measured and inspected by our manufacturing partners and QC team.

Faster Quotes for Multi-Body Models with Hardware Installation Features

We heard from you that it was disruptive to your workflow to have to remove hardware installation features from your CAD models. Now you can upload multi-body CAD models as-is to the Fictiv platform. 

Your digital quote will confirm that we have identified your hardware installation features in the Manufacturing Feedback viewer.

Fictiv can install a wide variety of hardware features post-machining, including:

  • Various types of Dowel Pins, including standard pins, threaded studs, locating pins, support buttons
  • Different types of helical and threaded inserts
  • Bushing inserts

You can learn more about how to request a quote for hardware installation here

Build Better Products, Faster

Our goal is to make it faster and easier for you to get pricing and DFM feedback on a wide range of mechanical parts, including complex ones, to accelerate development cycles. We hope these latest advancements in our quoting technology further reduces friction in the sourcing process and empowers your workflow.

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