[New]: Instant Pricing for Tight Tolerances and Streamlined Hardware Installation Quotes

We have some great new updates to Fictiv’s quoting technology to share with you!  We know many of you are working on cutting edge products across industries including aerospace, robotics, automotive, and medical devices, iterating on parts with complex, tight tolerance features. This means feature-specific tolerance callouts on technical drawings are the norm, not the […]


Ability Now Bay Area Partners with Fictiv to Supply Key Protective Equipment

Ability Now Bay Area provides education, health and wellness, and technology support to adults with disabilities.  When the COVID crisis hit, Ability Now Bay Area (ANBA) faced a daunting challenge adapting to the new reality since most of their classes were in-person. Essential to any plans was the need to provide PPE (personal protective equipment) […]


International Logistics Update – December 10, 2020

Discover the latest information from the Fictiv Logistics Team to ensure your orders arrive in time to meet your project deadlines.


Fictiv Wins 3 Employee Satisfaction Awards from Comparably

At Fictiv, we’ve always valued time spent together, whether it’s for team building activities, watching a solar eclipse together outside the office, building an electric bananaghini for the Bay Area Maker Faire, or just chatting at lunch. Those shared experiences create deeper bonds among team members and make collaborating on work projects more fun and […]


Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Fictiv

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re profiling a few of our Fictiv team members of Hispanic origin. Learn more about these amazing employees–where they began their careers; what drew them to Fictiv and what they value most about working here; what motivates them professionally; and how they spend their free time. Ricardo Ortiz, International Logistics […]


Fictiv Overseas Shipping Is Now More Streamlined And Reliable Than Ever

Through conventional paths, ordering parts from overseas can often be a complex, risky process. In addition to quality risks inherent in working with unknown suppliers, the logistics involved to import goods from overseas can be confusing and overwhelming. And if importation documentation is mismanaged, you may be held liable for fines or even jail time.  […]


International Logistics Update: October 1, 2020

When we shared our last international logistics update on August 27, we had seen significant improvements in lead time reliability. Today, we’re excited to share that after many months of the COVID-19 pandemic, our overseas lead times have stabilized. Overseas orders placed on the Fictiv platform are now being delivered within 3-5 days.  Fictiv Updates […]


Industry-First Transparency in Product Development

As it stands today, many of our customers manage NPD and NPI processes in the dark with spreadsheets, take calls with overseas suppliers at 2am, or send teams of people across the globe to inspect manufacturing processes and quality controls. Those approaches were costly, nerve-wracking, and with this current pandemic, hardly even possible. Not anymore. […]


Introducing Fictiv Radical Transparency: An Industry-First Solution for Production Visibility

Conventional manufacturing can be frustratingly opaque. To get visibility into production status, engineers and supply chain managers typically spend countless hours chasing down information. And when a critical build schedule is at risk, that’s the last thing you need. We’re thrilled to share our new radical transparency features that deliver unprecedented visibility, traceability, speed and […]


International Logistics Update: August 27, 2020

In our July 23 update, transit times from China to the U.S. were still averaging 6 days, but carriers were hoping to see improved transit times by August. We continue to work with our carriers to further improve transit times, and we’re happy to report that we’ve seen some significant improvements in lead time reliability […]