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With advances in material science and manufacturing technologies like 3D printing, it can be overwhelming (not to mention time-consuming) to find the right material for your project needs.

That’s why we created Materials.AI: a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence assistant, powered by ChatGPT and Fictiv’s expansive manufacturing database, to help you navigate the complex landscape of plastic and metal materials.

Looking for a 3D printing material with excellent tensile strength? Materials.AI can point you in the right direction. 

Not sure which aluminum alloy is ideal for your needs? Materials.AI has answers.

And once you’ve found the right material for your project, you can place your order on-demand right on the Fictiv platform.

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool or create your free account to try it out for yourself!

Log into the Fictiv platform and start a new quote using the “+New quote” button. You can also select an existing quote. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for free here

Next, select your desired manufacturing process (such as 3D Printing or Injection Molding) and upload your 3D CAD file to start a new quote. Once uploaded, select “Configure.” 

From here, click “Ask Materials.AI” to open the chat box. Now you can enter any question you like specific to material selection. Note that the responses provided will be specific to materials offered by Fictiv, available to order on-demand! You can continue to ask follow-up questions, based on past context, to drill-down further (just like you would with ChatGPT). 

Once you’ve found the right material, you can complete your Fictiv quote and checkout! For certain processes or complex parts, you may need to submit your quote for review by a Fictiv team member.

You now have 24/7 access to an AI guru that can provide you with in-depth materials information to help you make fast, informed decisions and accelerate innovation cycles. 

To try it for yourself, create your free Fictiv account or log in today.