David Mayer

Manufacturing engineer at Fictiv. I'm a mechanical engineer who loves to take things apart to see what makes them tick, and then use the pieces to make something that ticks faster, longer, and louder.

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How to Accelerate Your Engineering Builds (and Ensure You Get Parts That Fit)

There are very few parts that function on their own—almost every design requires multiple pieces to be joined in some way to create a final product. When was the last time you had something other than a bottle opener that was a single, functional part?  When designing for a multi-part engineering build, there are extra […]


Electric Shaver Teardown

In this clean-shaven teardown, we’re celebrating Father’s Day and looking at two different electric shavers—the Philips Norelco S9311 and the Braun series 7. We put the two shavers head to head, with our first Fictiv employee to become a dad volunteering his face to see which one left the best shave. Then we put them […]


Robotwist Teardown

Usually, the point of a teardown is to figure out how something works—to take something complex and try to puzzle out how it works, and see what exciting new things the designers did to make this product special. This isn’t quite that type of teardown. Instead, this time, we’re going the opposite route and seeing […]


Rylo 360° Camera Teardown

For this teardown, we were joined by Jon Denby, a long time Fictiv customer and the Product Design Lead behind Rylo — a small, yet powerful 360° camera. Jon provided us with tons of great insight into the product design choices behind Rylo. Rylo’s magic lies in a phone app that stabilizes the 360° video and allows the […]


Apple AirPods vs. Google Pixel Buds Teardown

You can learn a lot from examining the ways in which different companies solve the same problem. After stripping the one-eighth-inch audio jack out of their phones, Apple and Google both needed to create a set of Bluetooth headphones, but each company took a very different approach to the solution.  Apple crafted their AirPods to […]