Your comprehensive solution for mastering designing injection molded parts. This content stack equips engineers with the essential knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of injection molding seamlessly. Here's what's included:

  1. A collection of industry best practices:
  • Recommended wall thicknesses: Understand the optimal thickness for your molded parts to ensure structural integrity and efficient production.
  • Design tips: Gain insights into designing bosses that enhance the strength and functionality of your injection-molded components.
  • Gate types: Explore various gate types and learn to choose the most suitable option for your specific project.
  1. Key features for injection molding design:
  • Comprehensive insights into critical features to consider during the design phase, ensuring your parts are mold-friendly and meet quality standards.
  • Forecast Production Schedules: Learn the intricacies of predicting production timelines, enabling you to plan and execute your projects efficiently.
  1. Gantt Chart template for project management:
  • A complete T1 production timeline: Leverage our Gantt chart template derived from years of injection molding production experience, offering a clear roadmap for a single-cavity part design.
  • Template variations: Tailor your project management approach with template variations designed for both Fictiv vs traditional molding suppliers.
  • Free template: Customize your injection molding project's journey by utilizing our blank template to map out each crucial step.
  1. Scaling up with production planning guide:
  • Planning production timelines: Gain insights into the intricacies of mold design and machining, ensuring a well-orchestrated production schedule.
  • Importance of early DfM feedback: Understand the significance of early Design for Manufacturing feedback to streamline the production process.
  • Parallel machining and sourcing: Discover strategies for concurrent design, sourcing materials, and machining different elements to shorten lead times, expediting your product's time to market.