Your comprehensive toolkit for mastering the art of designing parts for CNC machining and seamlessly progressing from concept to prototype. Here's what's included:

  1. CNC Design Guide:
  • Control costs effectively: Gain insights into avoiding unnecessary expenses by understanding which sizes and shapes to steer clear of in your CNC designs.
  • Ensure quality control: Learn the tricks for achieving top-notch CNC drilling, milling, and turning results, ensuring precision and excellence in your prototypes.
  • Streamlined process: Simplify the design and machining process by discovering how to eliminate unnecessary elements, optimizing efficiency in your CNC projects.
  1. Tolerance Analysis for Mechanical Product Design:
  • Master tolerance analysis: Understand the critical process of tolerance stack-up analysis to ensure that your components fit seamlessly in assemblies after manufacturing.
  1. Heat Sink Calculator:
  • Learn how to accurately define heat sink requirements for projects involving heat-generating circuitry.
  1. DFM for CNC Machining Master Class:
  • Essential design rules: Identify key design for manufacturability rules, categorized across parameters like tolerance, geometry, part size, material, and look and feel. Perfect your designs with industry best practices.
  1. CNC Finishing Guide:
  • Simplify decision-making: Skip the guesswork and make informed decisions on finishing options.