The robotics industry is poised to take advantage of the digital transformation that’s happening at every stage of the value chain. Digital manufacturing, supported by a highly vetted manufacturing network, has the power to accelerate development cycles for robotics companies in highly competitive markets by increasing supply chain sourcing efficiencies. Moving to a digitally-enabled supply chain will ensure that good supply chain practices become the norm, not the exception, facilitating critical market leadership opportunities for robotics companies.

In this whitepaper, we dive into the benefits of digital supply chains for robotics companies and the strategies they can adopt to digitally transform and optimize their supply chains:

  • Implement a digitally enabled supply chain, supported by data-driven decision support, to deliver the visibility required to properly plan and correct any over-dependency. 
  • Create an inventory strategy with the right balance and visibility, so you can emerge with agility and resilience as the most critical outcomes.
  • Align with a digital supply chain partner who can support 24-hour turns on demand. 
  • Bake technology-enabled speed into the model allows robotics startups to prepare for the future and optimize their process.