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Your Go-to Partner for Precision Parts at the Speed of Digital

Fictiv’s Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem is the go-to destination for engineers and supply chain managers who need high tolerance mechanical parts at unprecedented speeds.

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Discover Fictiv’s radical transparency features  

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10 million + <br>parts made icon

10 million +
parts made

ISO 9001<br>certified icon

ISO 9001

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Fictiv inspections <br>on every part icon

Fictiv inspections
on every part

We accept drawings <br>with 3D CAD icon

We accept drawings
with 3D CAD

Discover the Fictiv Difference

Partnering with Fictiv means quality you can rely on and production speeds that hit your deadlines — made possible by the unique combination of a technology-backed platform, the highest quality partners, and people with boots-on-the-ground to ensure quality.

Digital Platform

Our digital quote-to-order platform gives you manufacturing data at your fingertips, so you can make faster decisions and stay connected every step of the way.

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Partner Network

Our highly vetted global partner network gives you access to a wide breadth of capabilities, at the highest quality standards, through a single access point.

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People on the Ground

Fictiv employs skilled engineers and program managers to inspect parts at the factory floor, provide guided DFM expertise, and keep your production schedules on track.

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Our Capabilities

Fictiv Powers Over 2,500 Companies

We’ve manufactured over 10M mechanical parts for our customers’ prototyping and NPI applications


"I was impressed when I found out about Fictiv and saw how quickly things could be done."

Hassan Karaouni headshot

Hassan Karaouni

EdMod Labs Lead Product Developer


“Fictiv’s streamlined end-to-end process captures the entire value chain from design upload through DFM with real-time pricing. Impressive stuff.”

Ibrahim Toukan headshot

Ibrahim Toukan

Head of Level 5 Supply Chain
Autonomous Vehicle Devision


“Having all our data updating live in one centralized place — part by part, order by order — is incredible.”

Blake Sessions headshot

Blake Sessions

Director of R&D

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Fictiv Digital Manufacturing

Everything In One Place

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"The use of a quote-to-order platform makes sourcing and the supply chain less vulnerable to disruptions"

Jan Burian

Head of IDC Manufacturing Insights, IDC EMEA

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“Our robot has a lot of unique and high tolerance parts. Finding a trustworthy partner that can make those parts reliably and quickly has been extremely helpful.”

Dillon Jourde

Mechanical Engineer, Gecko Robotics

43K+ custom parts icon

43K+ custom parts

Tight tolerance CNC icon

Tight tolerance CNC


[New]: Instant Pricing for Tight Tolerances and Streamlined Hardware Installation Quotes

We have some great new updates to Fictiv’s quoting technology to share with you!  We know many of you are working on cutting edge products across industries including aerospace, robotics, automotive, and medical devices, iterating on parts with complex, tight tolerance features. This means feature-specific tolerance callouts on technical drawings are the norm, not the […]

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