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The Challenge: Engineering Under Tight Tolerances and Timelines

In the aerospace industry, standards are high. Even non-flight-critical parts need to meet rigorous quality control criteria. This means panels, housings, interior and exterior trim, ducting, trays and other components need to be manufactured exactly to spec using engineering-grade materials that can deliver flight-ready performance — all within a tight production timeline.

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The Solution: Injection Molded Aircraft Parts Through Fictiv

To help engineers source aerospace parts that meet stringent industry performance requirements, Fictiv provides a large range of high-performance injection molding materials, including engineering-grade plastics, thermoplastics and specialty plastics. 

Fictiv’s streamlined digital infrastructure also helps speed up the design and development of aircraft components — helping aerospace engineers meet specifications without making sacrifices to development timelines or costs. Additionally, Fictiv provides technical DFM feedback that can help companies detect and remedy part manufacturability issues early in the development process. This enables aerospace companies to avoid costly roadblocks, optimize designs and pick up efficiencies along the way.

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To ensure repeatability and the delivery of the highest-quality parts, Fictiv offers a wide range of injection mold manufacturing options which meet industry standard quality management system requirements (ISO 9001), supported by internal testing and inspection protocols. Transparent inspection documentation is also provided to prove all standards are being met.

The Impact: Increasing Production Velocity with Fast, Precision Parts

Regardless of complexity, Fictiv is structured to deliver tightly toleranced parts in a short timeframe while meeting all requirements for non-flight-critical parts (depending on the scope of your requirements) — propelling aerospace companies to a flight-ready product.

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