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The Challenge: Speed to Market

In the rapidly advancing and highly competitive medical industry, there is considerable value in being not only fast to market but also first to market with a new medical device or component. Medical companies spend substantial resources to increase the chances of beating their competitors to market and avoid the disadvantages of being delayed. While a quick product launch is ideal, sacrificing quality for speed is not the answer.

The Solution: Injection Molding through Fictiv

When medical companies choose Fictiv for injection molding for the manufacturing of even their most sophisticated products, they can go from prototype to finished product in an unbelievably short amount of time. Fictiv handles the process every step of the way and helps medical companies make superior-quality injection molded parts — fast and exactly to spec. 

transmed7 injection molded medical device

With Fictiv, quality and precision are a given. Fictiv provides technical expertise and design for manufacturability (DFM) early in the injection molding process and prior to tooling and production to identify and correct potential issues because small mistakes can have substantial consequences — financially and logistically. It’s important to get the design right the first time to avoid the wasted time, money and any delay in getting products to customers or to market.

Not every medical device injection molding partner has engineers skilled in DFM, but Fictiv has a dedicated, experienced team that provides technical expertise, value and efficiency right from the start.

The Impact: High Quality Parts to Market Faster

When working with an experienced injection molding partner like Fictiv, the entire process — from product design through shipment — ensures the best, fastest results, with the goal of getting medical companies first to market with their product. In the high-stakes race to market with a cutting-edge medical product, staying ahead of competitors is crucial. Fictiv helps accelerate the timeline so medical companies don’t lose their competitive edge. And it goes without saying, being first to market means greater market share and more revenue.