In this month’s edition of hardware roundup, we have hardware stories about the Winter Olympics, cobalt, innovative animals, an American Mall video game, and Fictiv’s new book club.

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  • We recently started a book club at Fictiv, and we want to open up our next book discussion to the community. We’re reading Ninety Percent of Everything, and we’ll be getting together at Fictiv HQ in late March. If you’d like to join us, shoot me an email!
  • FormLabs is hiring a Director of Mechanical Engineering, a Robotics Engineer, and a Systems Engineer at their headquarters outside of Boston. Angaza is looking for a hardware team lead.
  • On the Fictiv Builders Group, Steve has a question about finding a McMaster-esque catalog for mechanical components on the mm scale; and Andrew, who manages mechanical engineering and manufacturing for Suvie, launched a kitchen robot on Kickstarter.

For the Love of Engineering

An emergency aircraft’s slide being deployed, credit to Spencer at The Prepared for sharing.

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Fin, Hardware Evangelist at Fictiv