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We’re excited to share some great new updates to our Injection Molding quote experience on the Fictiv platform!

The Importance of Clear Communication in Injection Molding

One of the critical elements of injection molding project success is communication. To get quality injection molded parts that meet your precise requirements, it’s essential that your manufacturing partner understands each and every one of those requirements in detail. 

Unfortunately, the way injection molding requirements are typically shared and documented today—using long email chains, screenshots, and crazy powerpoints—is a bit messy, to say the least, and frequently leads to downstream quality issues and delays.

Injection Molding Quality Starts at File Upload

That’s why at Fictiv, we like to say that quality starts at file upload. 

With the new quoting experience on the Fictiv platform for injection molding, we capture your project requirements with precision to ensure each of your specifications are clearly documented and nothing gets lost in translation.

Here’s a look at the new experience:

Step 1: Upload Your Designs & Technical Drawings

Injection molding quote fictiv

First, upload your 3D models and any technical drawings as needed.

Step 2: Add Project Requirement Details

Injection molding quote fictiv

Next, add details around your project requirements to help us give you the most accurate quote possible.

Step 3: Select Your Injection Molding Configurations 

Injection molding quote fictiv

Then select your manufacturing configurations, including your desired color, material and finish, and any overmolding or secondary operations needed.

Step 4: Add Quality Requirements

Injection molding quote fictiv

You can also add specific quality inspection requirements to your quote request, including Advanced Inspection Reports using CMM or laser scanner technologies. You can also request customized inspection processes, such as First Article Inspections, PPAP, CpK, and 100% inspection, using the text field.

Step 5: Submit Your Quote for a Free DFM Analysis

Injection molding quote fictiv

After you submit your quote request, our manufacturing team will review your detailed requirements and return pricing within two business days followed by a free design for manufacturability (DFM) report prior to kicking off tooling.

Production-Grade Tooling Capabilities at Prototype Speeds

Another key challenge that’s typical of injection molding is that it can be very. slow. Or offerings that are quick-turn are limited to aluminum tools that don’t meet the precision requirements for industries like medical devices and aerospace.

With Fictiv Injection Molding, you get production-grade steel tooling with T1 samples delivered as fast as 2 weeks after tooling is kicked off, with no minimum order quantities. This is great for complex designs in the validation stages of new product introduction at quantities in the tens or hundreds or for production tooling purposes, up to 1 million units.

Key features of our injection molding service include:

  • Tight tolerances and 2D drawings accepted
  • Custom materials available upon request
  • Compression molding, overmolding available
  • Fully automatic side actions available
  • Multi-cavity tooling available
  • Engineering change orders (ECOs) accepted
  • Post processing operations available

To learn more about our capabilities, visit www.fictiv.com/injection-molding-service.

Injection Molding Experts At Your Service

When you order with Fictiv Injection Molding, you can also be sure that we have a team of experts in the U.S. and in China here to support you and enable the success of your project. This includes support from:

  • Your Account Executive
  • Technical Solutions Engineers
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Supplier Quality Engineers
  • Customer Success Managers

Get Your Free Injection Molding Quote with DFM

To kick off an injection molding project with Fictiv, simply create your free account or log in at fictiv.com and upload your designs to our secure platform. Please note that Fictiv Injection Molding is only available currently for users who sign up with a business email address.

And stay tuned for more updates coming soon to improve your end-to-end experience with Fictiv Injection Molding even more!