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The week’s top hardware news.

December 30th, 2015


The Sound Reactive Mask

Just in time for New Years, Canadian startup Outline Montréal launched their first Kickstarter campaign for a wild party animal mask. Harnessing the potential of sound reactive technology, they created a luminous jaguar mask that translates musical beats into light. Translation: a sweet light show. On your face.

The sound reactive mask
The sound reactive mask

Connected Beauty Mask

is a connected beauty mask made out of medical-grade silicone and packed with sensors. It measures the skin’s temperature and moisture level and offers tips on further, more traditional cosmetic treatments. Glowing skin for… $295.


is a smart nano drone with GPS and video that has the utility of an enhanced selfie stick, really. Smile recognition included. 🙂

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SpaceX Lands First Falcon 9

While you were wrapping Christmas presents, Elon Musk was live tweeting the first Falcon 9 rocket landing in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This is a big win for SpaceX after its last rocket exploded during takeoff this summer. 

+ Wired: all the year’s badass science from space

Oculus Might Use Electromagnets for VR

emerged. One that hints at how the Oculus device may use electromagnets and sensors in the future to track the motions of each finger in 3D.

Pirate Attacks the Music Industry