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The weeks top hardware news.

January 7th, 2016



Born from a developer’s need to find his nephew at the mall, this 3G enabled smartwatch for kids has some appeal for kids and grownups alike. It’s got video calling, GPS tracking and a hard-to-miss red SOS button connected to the parent’s smartphone.

+ The Revolar panic button for women

A Real Hoverboard

. It doesn’t look the way we expected.. more like Aladdin’s magic carpet, but instead of a carpet it’s a mattress. But it hovers! For 5 minutes. For $19,000.

Music in the Womb

Fetus tech is in. Spanish company Babypod has come up with a way to leverage babies’ early appetite for music and sounds. They just launched an intra-vaginal speaker that allows unborn children to listen to Mozart (or Nicki Minaj — who are we to judge?) from inside the womb, enjoying the clarity of a stereo system.


#CES2016 is On!

The Vegas madness at CES is in full force! A few of the highlights include: the new electronic batmobile wannabe from Faraday Future, Google’s new toys for a smarter home, Fitbit’s ambitious smartwatch and finally some self lacing sneakers.

Disney Driving up the Wall

is quite unsettling.  

+ how robots judge beauty

3D Heat-Resistant Ceramics

There’s a new 3D printing method that creates ceramic structures withstanding 2,500°F, which could be used to build next-gen spaceships. The researchers at HRL Labs developed a new printable resin made of preceramic polymers, which can be converted into ceramics by heating them at high temperatures.