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The week’s top hardware news.

January 14th, 2016


Programmable Drone

There are so many gadgets that teach people how to code these days, it’s a miracle if there’s anyone left uninitiated. Robolink uses a drone, though. That’s new! CoDrone is the first drone that can be programmed to do whatever tricks you want. Like drone, like master… as they say.

+ Wired: drones aren’t just toys anymore

BASE 3D Printed Insoles

We’ve mentioned Wiivv before, back when they raised $3.5 million to make 3D printed insoles. And now they’re making them. Custom insoles are hardly new, but Wiivv developed their own adaptive manufacturing system to cut costs. Still $75 a pair though.

Wiivv 3D printed insole
Wiivv 3D printed insole


Built by a Turkish team of hardware hackers, TinyLab is every maker’s geeky dream. It’s an Arduino supported prototyping system with over 20 I/O and storage options. The tablet sized kit costs $59 for early birds on Indiegogo.+ MesoGlue, a metallic glue that replaces hot solder

Favorited @CES2016

It’s hard to keep up with the zillion new gadgets presented at CES 2016, but we picked a few final highlights for you:

  1. The ubercute robot butler that’s part hoverboard from Segway
  2. This human-sized drone built by EHang
  3. The old (but new) Super 8 camera from Kodak
  4. Presence, the creepy-smart surveillance camera from Netatmo
  5. Aaand a new Lego Robotics Kit. We couldn’t help it. We <3 Lego.

top 10 trends of CES from Venturebeat


Lily Pulls In $34M In Pre-orders

It’s a camera… it’s a drone… it’s a self-driving-flying robot that follows you around and shoots video! The point is that Lily is enjoying a huge success. After getting $15 million from private funding, now it’s received a whopping $34 million in pre-orders from 60,000 customers.

lily drone
lily drone

Apple Buys AI Startup

Apple bought Emotient, a startup from San Diego that uses artificial intelligence to read people’s emotions by analyzing facial expressions. Seems like Apple is catching up with the deep neural networks trend. As are Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Oculus Rift Price Tag Is $599

Oculus unveiled the final price tag for its highly anticipated VR headset and it’s not cheap. While many complain about the $599 price, others reply that the Rift’s only problem is that it is perfect. Meanwhile, pre-orders are live and the shipping date is set to March 2016.