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The week’s top hardware news.

February 12th, 2016


The Vibrator That Knows You

A team of techies from companies like Google X and Amazon Lab126 are pushing the boundaries of sex research to create Lionness, a smart vibrator that uses sensors to learn your pleasure triggers. The more you use it, the more personal feedback you get. Did we mention Valentine’s Day is around the corner?

+ Valentine’s Day long distance sex toys

lionness smart vibrator
lionness smart vibrator

Retrofitting for Photographers

Unless you’ve already ditched your DSLR for an iPhone, this should get you excited. China based company Techart just unveiled the first autofocus adapter for manual focus lenses. It’s already been tested and is scheduled to ship in March.

Doodling Abroad

iBoardbot is an artsy marker-equipped robot connected to the internet that can write and draw with precision on a glass surface. Could be a cute way to write good morning messages to your family when you’re abroad, or… remote tic-tac toe? If you’ve got ideas, the robot’s electronics, 3D-printable frame and code are entirely open source and hackable.


There’s Money in the Ground

Right in line with the home gardening trend, California based startup Edyn has attracted a $2 million investment from Fenox Venture Capital. Edyn’s products include a smart soil sensor, water valve and mobile app that allow gardening enthusiasts to “stay connected to [their] garden”.

Edyn smart soil sensor
Edyn smart soil sensor

Yours Shoes are Tracking You

Things are moving fast in the fitness industry and more sports gear mammoths are teaming up with tech startups to gain momentum. This week, fitness-tracking company RunKeeper has been snatched up by Japanese sportswear giant Asics for $85M.

Kid Friendly 3Doodler

Believe it or not, three years have passed since WobbleWorks rocked Kickstarter with the 3Doodler, “the pen that can draw in the air”. And now they’re back! This time with a kid’s version called 3Doodler Start. The device is available for pre-order on the company’s website for $39 and you can see it in action here.

3Doodler Start for kids
3Doodler Start for kids