Our roundup video this month is hosted by Andy, Fictiv’s Director of Supply! We’ll be diving into butterfly mechanisms, digital circuit breakers, and the latest in sanctions. We’ve also included a special section dedicated to the most compelling findings from our State of Hardware report.

Hardware Knowledge

Fictiv’s 2019 State of Hardware Results

  • Agile Manufacturing: Teams are staying agile as they avoid tariffs, increase speed, and control quality. 51% are using local manufacturers for prototyping needs, while 48% are using them for production.
  • Scaling Into Production: 2 of 3 were either dissatisfied or somewhat satisfied with their manufacturer’s ability to ramp production volumes up or down.
  • Costs & Capital: 43% of respondents didn’t feel that they had enough resources to manage their supply chain.
  • Quiz Question: Which CAD software was the most popular among hardware developers? Read the report to find out.

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For the Love of Delivery Robots

Digit the two-legged robot has been designed to execute the final step in the delivery process.

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