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Why Construction Product Companies Partner with Fictiv for Injection Molding Services

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Whether it’s lighting fixtures, electrical connectors and components, or plumbing pipes and accessories, plastic parts used in the construction of residential or commercial spaces run the gamut in terms of diversity and design complexity. But the one thing all these parts have in common is the way they are manufactured — through injection molding. 

A crucial step in the final production of parts, injection molding is a method that heats and injects plastic material under pressure into a closed metal mold. The molten plastic is then cooled until it hardens into the desired shape. In the construction products industry, these parts often need to meet stringent performance requirements and be ready for market as quickly as possible. That’s why many construction industry products companies turn to Fictiv for fast, high-performing custom parts.

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Accelerating Design to Meet Go-To-Market Deadlines

In the world of construction and building industry products, there is always a to-market launch date that needs to be met. However, designing complex and custom parts isn’t an inherently speedy process. Making a part that fits the industry’s exact specifications may take dozens of iterations — even when time is of the essence. 

Fictiv has the resources and technical expertise to speed up the design, development and production of construction and building industry parts to meet rigid product development timelines — helping companies go from prototype to finished product in as little as 10 days. It begins with analyzing your part design plans and providing Design for Manufacturability (DFM) feedback, to give you full visibility into cost drivers and potential manufacturing risks. 

Approximately 70% of the manufacturing costs of a product stem from design decisions made in the early injection molding design stages.* DFM allows you to make design adjustments earlier in the process to avoid costly pitfalls and pick up efficiencies along the way — which is key for ensuring speed to market. Fictiv will also help you figure out the best way to manufacture your part or product within the required timeframe.

Producing Complex, High-End Parts

Many custom construction industry products present designs with complex geometries and tight tolerances. Combining computer-aided design with exceptionally high pressures, injection molding makes it possible to develop parts with intricate details and achieve complex geometries in a very repeatable fashion. Injection molded parts can also meet strict levels of accuracy to help create precision products with extremely tight tolerances. 

To help ensure the delivery of the highest quality parts, Fictiv offers a wide range of injection molding manufacturing options with rigorous quality management systems and inspection protocols in place.

And when aesthetics is important — such as in the case of highly cosmetic lighting fixtures — Fictiv will align your aesthetic needs with the right injection molding facility that specializes in producing quality parts with high-end surface finishes.

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Achieving Performance with the Right Materials and Process

Many construction industry products companies have to abide by strict performance requirements when manufacturing their parts. For example, parts for lighting fixtures need to possess specific heat and electrical insulation properties to ensure safe use. Products used in residential and commercial structures also need to pass rigorous third-party testing, inspection and certification procedures before they can go to market. 

To help create parts that meet strenuous requirements, Fictiv provides a large range of high-performance injection molding materials, including engineering-grade plastics, thermoplastics and specialty plastics. This allows you to achieve a wide variety of performance properties like greater mechanical and tensile strength, corrosion and chemical resistance, lighter weights and more — all in one part.

Fictiv also offers overmolding services, which allow you to develop assemblies that are composed of a soft elastomeric rubber material encompassing a rigid substrate like plastic or metal. The overmolding process can help you produce parts with enhanced electrical resistance, vibration and noise reduction, or sealing properties. And in some cases, it can help lower cost per part by eliminating the need for connectors, O-rings and other rubberized pieces and associated part assembly labor.

A Network of Manufacturing Facilities

Thanks to a diverse and carefully selected network of manufacturing facilities across the globe, Fictiv is fully equipped to offer numerous types of injection molding services and high process quality for industrial applications. Manufacturing facilities are thoroughly vetted by Fictiv and are required to complete rigorous testing. In addition, Fictiv continuously manages them and monitors their performance.

Fictiv’s select manufacturing facilities offer a variety of unique, cutting-edge capabilities. This ensures that no matter what a construction industry products company requires for its injection molding project, Fictiv — after digging deep into the exact needs of the company — will be able to carefully match each one with the manufacturing facility best equipped to meet their specific requirements.

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Making the Injection Molding Process Simple

From custom prototype to production, Fictiv takes the guesswork out of the injection molding manufacturing process. The Fictiv team will work closely with your company to help design and fabricate high-quality parts as soon as you need them while meeting your exact specifications and delivering cost efficiencies.

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