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The Challenge: Growing Energy and Operational Demands

As industry advances and populations grow, the demand for energy increases. This places a tremendous amount of pressure on energy companies to scale up their operations, which increases the need for equipment parts. However, extreme environmental conditions, stringent industry standards and keeping operational costs low while meeting economic demand are factors that can make producing parts for the energy sector a challenge.

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The Solution: Injection Molded Equipment Parts through Fictiv

To help create parts that can withstand extreme operational demands, Fictiv provides a large range of high-performance injection molding materials, including engineering-grade plastics, thermoplastics and specialty plastics, as well as overmolding services. This gives energy companies the flexibility to produce parts with a variety of performance properties like greater mechanical strength, corrosion and chemical resistance, UV and thermal resistance and more — all in one part.

Combining computer-aided design with quality injection mold tools, Fictiv’s injection molding services also make it possible to develop robust equipment parts with complex geometries in a very repeatable fashion. To further ensure repeatability and the delivery of high-quality parts that meet energy industry regulations, Fictiv offers a wide range of injection mold manufacturing options with rigorous quality management systems and inspection protocols in place. Additionally, one of Fictiv’s quality engineers will conduct quality assessments of your parts and deliver transparent inspection documentation to ensure all standards and specifications are being met.

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The Impact: Delivering Robust, Repeatable and Cost-Effective Parts

From renewable to non-renewable energy companies, Fictiv delivers high-quality equipment parts with fast and repeatable results while meeting stringent energy industry requirements. Fictiv’s technical expertise and fully vetted network of domestic and international manufacturing partners also expedite technology and equipment advancements while helping companies in the energy sector improve manufacturing processes and cut innovation costs.