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medical plastics for injection molding

The Challenge: Materials That Meet Multiple Requirements

Medical product designers need materials with more than just the right properties and price points. They may also need to consider approvals from regulatory agencies and meet traceability requirements. Although metals, ceramics, and composites are used in some medical applications, plastic injection molding provides designers with a broad choice of materials that can meet multiple requirements, including support for high-volume manufacturing that’s fast and cost-efficient. 

Not all injection molders work with medical plastics, however, and some medical injection molders may support only a limited number of polymers.   

The Solution: Plastic Injection Molding Through Fictiv

Fictiv provides medical companies with access to the injection molded plastics that they need. Whether you need an impact-resistant commodity plastic for a disposable applicator, an engineering plastic for a medical component, or a biocompatible polymer for a medical wearable, Fictiv is ready to support your specific application. From single-use items to disposables our ecosystem is ready to deliver.       

Plus, when you work with Fictiv, your product designs can incorporate non-plastic materials (if you need them) into bonded assemblies. With overmolding, for example, a softer silicone can be molded over a harder plastic part made of a plastic such as polycarbonate. With insert molding, a metal cutting tool can be used. Fictiv will also work closely with the material distributors who can provide materials that are traceable, medical-grade plastics.

injection molded plastics

The Impact: Medical Products That Improve Lives – and Product Designs

Choose Fictiv for medical injection molding that provides you with access to a wide range of plastic materials, as well as capabilities that support your designs from prototyping to validation to full-scale production. We’re ready to help you advance new product introductions (NPI) quickly and cost-effectively, and have the resources, know-how, and product network to deliver the medical products that you need. Learn more about our injection molding services or create an account and request a quote to get started.