Dan Engerer

I'm a product design engineer with a BSME and MS-MSE, and owner of Brainchild Engineering. Before starting Brainchild Engineering, I was an automotive engineer in the Detroit, MI area for a tier 1 powertrain supplier.

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How to Increase Manufacturing Efficiency with Design

Creating innovative mechanical designs is hard (I should know—I do it for a living). Sometimes, you’re pushed to the very limit to imagine a concept or mechanism that could actually work. At times like this, manufacturing is a distant utopia that we can only hope to reach, so we ignore it. But, at the end […]


3 Ways to Prototype for NVH with 3D Printing

In prototyping automotive parts, it’s common for NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) to be placed on the back burner in the early product design phases, as there are often bigger challenges at play (like not breaking parts). NVH studies, often difficult and elusive, are not exactly a low-hanging fruit in the prototype phase. However, a gram […]