Greg Perkins

Founder @ Far Fetched Creations. I have an immense passion for 3D printing; at Far Fetched Creations I create 3D printed accessories for digital artists.

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Your Go-to-Manufacturing Checklist

After ten years of working with hardware startups, the most common question we get is, “What do I need to provide in order to get a quote from a manufacturer?” Here’s a checklist of things we recommend you complete before speaking to a manufacturer.  Completing everything on this list will help you paint a very […]


3 Tips for Stronger 3D Printed Parts

Depending on the intended use case for your 3D part, structural integrity can be a crucial ingredient. It could be a matter of ensuring that your product doesn’t collapse when used or even a matter of ensuring user safety. We’re going to look at an adorable Wacom pen holder as an example and point out the different […]


How to Spray Paint 3D Models

Painting your 3D models has always been an elusive subject. What kind of paint do you use? Will it stick to the 3D printed material? How will the quality look? These are just some of the questions floating around the heads of many designers and engineers. Over years of trial and error, one method we’ve […]