Gregg Miner

Gregg Miner is a product development specialist with more than 500 different products under his belt in industries from aerospace and compute and storage to consumer electronics and toys. The first product Gregg ever made was his first car under the tutelage of his grandfather – and he hasn’t stopped building since.

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Balancing Speed & Quality: Where R&D Should Pump the Brakes or Hit the Gas

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation is not about saying yes to everything. It’s about saying no to all but the most crucial features.” As part of the I.D. product development team at Apple, I had the remarkable experience of observing this philosophy firsthand. I sat in on many design team meetings where new and innovative […]


5 Critical Mistakes R&D Teams Make: Avoid Them with These Simple Practices

What could be more exciting than the development and launch of a new product?  The rush of the experience – grounded in the hope of unprecedented success. Legendary products like Apple AirPods, which captured 60% of the market in record time and the Apple Watch, which made Apple the world’s biggest watch manufacturer in 2018, […]