Jackie Liao

Fictiv Product Designer. My background is in ME and my passion is to create beautiful products with user-centered design. Sometimes I go by CFRO (Chief Friction Reducing Officer).

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SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse Teardown

Today, we’re tearing down a popular 3D mouse, the 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator. For folks producing and manipulating three-dimensional CAD files, using a standard mouse and keyboard can be tricky. Welcome to the world of controlling rotation, position, and height using one hand! We’ll take a look at the components that make this mouse both highly usable and […]


Designing for the User [VIDEO]

Andrei Gonzales said it best:  “Design isn’t about eye-candy. It’s about problem-solving. If your ‘design’ isn’t solving quantifiable issues, than it isn’t design, it’s decoration.” Here at Fictiv, we believe design drives innovation; it establishes how users learn about the value of a product and how they actually consume it in an experience. In a […]


How to Practice Creativity: Tools to Kickstart Your Imagination

Many people think creativity is innate, but in my experience, creativity is something you have to practice every day. In 2012, my team at Toyota was challenged to create a new user experience with the infotainment system in the car (also known as “the thing in the middle of the dashboard”). Customers had been interacting […]


6 Holiday Reads for Designers

There are a ton of books I’m excited to read this holiday, recommended to me by friends and colleagues, or lingering on a list I’ve carried for a while this year. Here are my top reading picks, centered around design trends, uncovering creative potential, and the key elements of lean, user-centered design. 1. Imagine, Design, Create: How Designers, […]