Taran Packer

Taran is a biomedical engineer and founder of Solid Point Engineering. He has worked on the design and manufacturing of both medical and non-medical devices. Prior to Solid Point Engineering, Taran worked as an Applications Engineer at GoEngineer and has multiple SolidWorks certifications.

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How to Design an Assembly for 3D Printing

Engineers are always trying to make designs faster, better, cheaper, lighter. Before 3D printing, the only way to create prototypes was through subtractive manufacturing, where a block of material was cut away until only the part or a mold of the part remained. These components could only be produced and assembled one at a time. […]


Five Ways Design Optimization Will Protect Your Bottom Line

Measure twice, cut once is the adage carpenters live by to save on time and materials. Design optimization software enables designers and engineers to measure hundreds of times with multiple designs to visualize the result of these designs without the time, cost, and frankly, hassle of creating the product in real life.  Engineering companies that […]