Open source. Open road.

Build your own fully customizable, street-legal motorcycle in a weekend

The Fictiv Open Source Motorcycle

In just a weekend, you can build a custom-designed, street-legal motorcycle with nothing but a wrench and some hand tools.

Introducing FOSMC: The Fictiv Open Source Motorcycle

Build a Motorcycle in Your Garage

With FOSMC, you get access to 57 open source part designs—all modular, easily assembled (no welding), and produced with standard prototyping technologies like 3D printing, CNC machining, and laser cutting.

CNC machined parts

Machine at your local machine shop by through leveraging Fictiv’s distributed manufacturing network

3D printed components

3D print all plastic parts on any hobbyist-level FDM machine in PLA or ABS

Hand-formed sheet metal

All sheet metal can be cut on a waterjet, plasma cutter, or laser cutter and formed using hand tools

Easily bent steel tubes

Tube steel can be purchased at your local hardware store and bent in your garage on a hand tube bender

FOSMC + Amazon: An IoT Motorcycle Platform

FOSMC is designed to work with Amazon Web Service’s innovative new IoT platform for motorcycles, using the Intel Edison board.

For a glimpse of the connected platform features, including engine temperature, lean angle, and acceleration tracking, visit the FOSMC IoT dashboard page

The Story Behind FOSMC

To build not just a fun project, but an exceptional product, we recruited the talents of Julian Farnam, a passionate motorcycle enthusiast and extraordinarily knowledgeable engineer and designer.

With Julian’s help, we designed and built 57 custom motorcycle parts using 3D printing, CNC machining, and laser cutting technology.

From Digital to Physical, as Fast as Possible

With the power of advanced prototyping technologies (and a few sleepless nights), we designed, prototyped, manufactured, and assembled FOSMC in less than three months.

Phase 1: research, sketch, design

Phase 2: build, test, iterate
Phase 3: source, assembly, document

An Open Source Community

We believe that open source is a key driver to advance innovation in the hardware industry, which is why FOSMC is 100% open source.

This means you have access to the source files and can modify them to make your own custom designs.