Fictiv Premium

Coordinated custom part sourcing with high visibility and control—across projects, teams, and even your entire company.


Your Partner in

As a Fictiv Premium member, you can connect Fictiv into your procure-to-pay suite through our Punchout integration.

After integration, your team can create purchase requisitions without having to manually copy & paste quotes. It's a simple way to save time, and it only takes a few minutes to add to your account.

Procure-to-pay Integration

Get Everyone on the Same Page

No more bottlenecks or miscommunication. Team Workspaces puts your engineering activity, shared quotes, and order history all in one place.

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Your Part Sourcing Command Center

Multi-Team Controls provide oversight of purchasing activity and information access by project, team, or department.

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Optimize Orders to Hit Your Target Dates

With Lead Time Optimizer, you know which requirements are slowing you down and which changes to make to hit specific delivery dates.

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Spend Less Time Searching for Spending

Team Spend Analytics provides centralized visibility into spend history and savings for each project, so you can spend less time searching for –and more time analyzing– your NPD budgets.

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Why Teams Choose Fictiv Premium


Everyone can see the status of all quotes and orders in one place.

Eliminate Roadblocks and

A unified workspace keeps projects moving no matter what.

Gain Control Over
Purchasing Activities

Information access and purchasing approvals made easy.

Workflows That Work Together

Purchasing Collaboration

Team Visibility

Digital Inventory

Mechanical Engineer

Upload designs

DFM warning

Team DFM Review

Purchasing Manager

Purchase complete

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